Cash Back at Closing + Moving Assistance = Win/Win

The Kahn Value Move Program offers members additional incentives to their benefits program by providing high quality, professional Real Estate assistance when buying and/or selling Real Estate. A Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), having the knowledge of how everything fits together in a relocation - locally, nationally, or internationally, provides first class service with continuous support and individualized assistance. Other benefits provided by the Kahn Value Move program include: household goods moving, coordination and discounts, plus a valuable Cash Savings at closing.

To learn more about the Kahn Value Move benefits enhancement program, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

-Terri Martin, CRP | GMS

Moving Assistance

Montgomery Moving Assistance

-transportation, packing, and storage
-free full-value replacement coverage
-dedicated counselors
...and many more benefits

Cash Rewards

Montgomery Cash Back at Closing

The Kahn Value Move program provides cash back savings at closing for members to offset their expenses (schedule of savings). If not allowed in your state, other Kahn Value Move services are still available. Contact the Kahn Value Move program for information on eligibility. This is a greater incentive than is offered to USAA Cartus members.

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